FULL RSN GO with linux, windows build wpa_supplicant not, ndisoide errors, rsn_ie=0

Bryan Kadzban bryan
Mon Aug 29 04:02:08 PDT 2005

thomas schorpp wrote:
> latest wpa_supplicant dev release windos build does not do with the 
> dlink atheros driver, or was it build with rsn disabled?

I'm using it with RSN on Windows, so no, it was not built with it
disabled.  ;-)


> seems windos ndis drivers wont support it, at least these from d-link
> :(

If you aren't using the DWL-G520 rev-B (PCI card) drivers that were
released on May 9, then you are correct.  The earlier drivers for the
G520 rev-B and rev-A cards did not support RSN (and the latest driver
for the rev-A cards still doesn't).

The G630 driver for all card revisions (this is a Cardbus card) is also
unable to do RSN.

I haven't looked at the D-Link drivers for other cards, but it wouldn't
surprise me to find that most of them are really old (for example, the
G630 driver is from September of 2004), and don't support RSN.
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