hostap/hostapd/wpa_supplicant - new development release v0.4.4

Jouni Malinen jkmaline
Mon Aug 22 18:44:16 PDT 2005

On Mon, Aug 22, 2005 at 04:38:06PM +0100, Josh Howlett wrote:

> But, installing the QT and MinGW stuff (>30MB) is a pain for ordinary 
> users. Would it be possible to avoid this?

MinGW DLL would be easy to include since it can be distributed without
any additiona requirements. Qt4 DLLs from the open source version are
under GPL, so one would also need to make the source code available if
those are distributed in binary form assuming there is no exception in
the license. I'm not that interested in doing this, but if someone wants
to figure out what exactly needs to be made available and has a server
for making the binaries available, I can certainly add a link to that
site just next to the wpa_supplicant download link.

> One other thing: I can't get wpa_supplicant to see a network if I haven't 
> already added it as an SSID in the Windows wireless configuration. Am I 
> doing something wrong?

Are you using ap_scan=2 or ap_scan=1 mode? What do you mean with seeing
a network? I haven't seen this kind of behavior, but then again, I
disable wzcsvc whenever using wpa_supplicant, so there would not really
be a place for adding SSIDs to anything external.

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