Hostapd/Madwifi inexplicably not working...

Jon Anderson jon-anderson
Sun Aug 7 18:26:00 PDT 2005

I have hostapd-0.4.3 and madwifi-bsd (CVS from today) trying to act as 
an AP doing WPA-PSK. It just ain't workin', and I can't understand why.

The client (wpa_supplicant) authenticates fine:
   "<2>CTRL-EVENT-CONNECTED - Connection to 00:0b:6b:xx:xx:xx completed 
(auth)" and then "(reauth)"
The hostapd seems to think that the client has authenticated:
   "madwifi_set_sta_authorized: addr=00:02:8a:xx:xx:xx authorized=1"
   "WPA: 00:02:8a:xx:xx:xx WPA_PTK_GROUP entering state REKEYESTABLISHED"

The problem is that it won't communicate between the client and AP. 
tcpdump on the AP seems to show that no traffic from the client is 
received if the client tries dhcp, etc.

If I just don't run hostapd (and leave everything else as is - i.e. open 
AP), everything works fine - I can connect and use the network from the 
client through the open AP. Start hostapd again, and same thing: 
authentication, but no further communication.

Any ideas? (Ask the madwifi list?)


P.S. I sent this same email once from the wrong address (sorry!), so if 
the moderator is listening, please discard the one "awaiting moderator 
approval". Thanks.

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