WPA with prism 2.5 cards in Master Mode

Thomas Gabriel gabriel.thomas
Sun Aug 7 01:05:59 PDT 2005

Hello everybody,

is it possible to use prism 2.5 cards like the Senao NL-2511MP in master
mode with WPA?

The NL-2511MP only supports WEP 128. So I'am wondering if it works together
with Hostap in order to deploy WPA-TKIP or even WPA-AES?

If this is possible: will the Router's CPU be more busy when en/decrypting
the traffic, or will this all be done on the radio's card?

Will the use of WPA or even WEP decrease the rx-sensitivity of the radio's
card? (The NL-2511MP has very good rx-sensitivity with -89dbm at 11Mbit)

Thanks for answers,

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