hostpad with mini-pci, wpa and 802.11g possible?

thomas schorpp t.schorpp
Sun Aug 7 07:33:42 PDT 2005

Matthias Lemke wrote:
>>Matthias Lemke wrote:

> thats the scenario with the best security/avaibility releation. the tkip
> attack is not usable for script kiddies (like static wep attack).

i wouldnt be that sure... i can see attacks here almost every hour
monitoring with my laptop (2. madwifi), 2 tried to issue probe wpa
handshakes last week, but i use strong tls x.509 certificates ;)

reason enough for me to switch to rsn soon...

> and for
> our 1000 people open cyty network wpa2 is useless until more an more
> hardware will support that. wpa (wep + tkip) can supported on most
> hardware with firmware/driver upgrade.

no hardware support problem, i run a netgear wg311-T- saying only wep
128 support with wpa (eap-tls, ccmp, aes) as ap, uptodate winxpsp2
clients are ok here, macos 10.3.9 not, maybe tiger in between...

i will switch to full wpa2 with rsn as soon the xp zeroconfig clients
support it or use wpasupplicant windos build if ms forces their "wps"
in... i had most problems with wlan manufacturer supplicants, dlink
software e.g., but with win98se... but dlink atheros pcmcia-cards are
fine with madwifi.

its all wep, wpa does only manage wep keys and auth(?), i assume every
128bit wep chip is supported(?).

>>>Which mini-pci card can i use? i tried atheros, but on the faq from
>>>madwifi you can read: wpa for client mode only :(
>>outdated. use cvs head (merged from bsd-branch, lately). ive a ap
>>running with madwifi here. its very stable and secure.
> read the daily-cvs-snaphot Readme:
> WPA 1/2 AP support (hostapd)    ???
> Managed mode (client)           ???
> Master mode (AP)                ???
> ??? means not stable

means no warranty (as stated in GPL), madwifi has been rockstable here
even at full loads on a old p2 machine except of a minor apm issue on
old laptops in middle june since may, hostapd too. except of a fast
fixed break in auth at the end of june. no more issues so far here with
the heads from a week ago...

remember, all linux wlan g is experimental, tell that the hw
manufacturers to release specs to linux driver developers ;)

> perhaps somebody use these cards.

heard of it.

>>>so there is no way to use hostapd with 802.11g?
>>it runs:
>>tom3:~# iwconfig ath0
>>ath0      IEEE 802.11g  ESSID:"madwifi"
>>          Mode:Master  Frequency:2.422 GHz  Access Point:
> which madwifi version, which kernel, which crypto?
> i cant patch the bleeding edge every day.

if no major issues turn out, there should be no reason to.

i needed 2.6.12 for my last madwifi cvs head pull... was no
more sufficent.

> regards
> math

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