hostpad with mini-pci, wpa and 802.11g possible?

Matthias Lemke m
Sun Aug 7 05:01:19 PDT 2005

> Matthias Lemke wrote:
>> Hello,
>> is somebody working with a wrap or soekris with mini-pci cards?
> ?

read it...

>> somebody building a AP (master) that works in wpa (not wpa2 = 802.11i, i
>> mean wpa = wep + tkip)?
> why do you want this? there are known weaknesses of wep and attack
> scenarios against tkip meanwhile... maybe insecure.

thats the scenario with the best security/avaibility releation. the tkip
attack is not usable for script kiddies (like static wep attack). and for
our 1000 people open cyty network wpa2 is useless until more an more
hardware will support that. wpa (wep + tkip) can supported on most
hardware with firmware/driver upgrade.

>> Which mini-pci card can i use? i tried atheros, but on the faq from
>> madwifi you can read: wpa for client mode only :(
> outdated. use cvs head (merged from bsd-branch, lately). ive a ap
> running with madwifi here. its very stable and secure.

read the daily-cvs-snaphot Readme:

WPA 1/2 AP support (hostapd)    ???
Managed mode (client)           ???
Master mode (AP)                ???

??? means not stable

> read devlists and cvs-logs if you like.

read it.

>> i know only intel centrino ipw2200 (hostapd dont support that i think)
>> and
>> prism cards (only 802.11b, senao card).
> ?
perhaps somebody use these cards.

>> so there is no way to use hostapd with 802.11g?
> it runs:
> tom3:~# iwconfig ath0
> ath0      IEEE 802.11g  ESSID:"madwifi"
>           Mode:Master  Frequency:2.422 GHz  Access Point:
> 00:0F:B5:63:E0:F2

which madwifi version, which kernel, which crypto?
i cant patch the bleeding edge every day.



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