Ad-Hoc scanning measurements

Christian Bünnig masala
Wed Apr 6 05:39:31 PDT 2005

I want to do some measurements concerning active scanning time in ad-hoc 
mode of 802.11b cards and I am currently browsing the hostap-driver 
source code to find suitable places for timestamp logging (i.e. places 
where active scanning get's finally issued and a where it is finally 
finished). But as I am not that experienced with C and the source is 
documented quite rarely I am not sure where to exactly place such 
timestamp loggings.

Further I'd like to change how ad-hoc nodes handle probe-requests for 
testing alternative handoff procedures.. is there a chance to control 
management frame handling if the card is not in AP mode? If it is, could 
I use 'hostapd' for this or is it necessary to hack the hostap-driver code?.

Thanks in advance for some hints and if you need more detailed 
information, please let me know it.


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