AW: PCI NIC with external antenna

ARCEO Daniel Beuchler db
Thu Sep 16 01:34:48 PDT 2004

After flashing the firmware my Allnet PCI Card 0191 works
fine - its "pure pci" (no cardbus/pcmcia on pci) - and
it works out of the box with Debian/Sarge ... you can connect
an external antenna (at least you can remove the one that comes
with it ;-)


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take a look here:


On Sep 15, 2004, at 7:13 AM, Lasse Riis wrote:


Now my wireless NIC in my thinkpad is finally running, so now I need an 
AP at
home. But for people like me, standard APs are not good enough. :) As I
already have a server (PII 350 MHz) I think adding a wireless PCI NIC 
with an
external antenna would be a better idea. However I can't seem to find 
complete list of cards that actually work in host AP mode.
I've been looking at the "D-Link AirPro DWL-AB520" but I can't seem to 
whether it actually works in host AP mode. So my question basically is: 
the D-link card work, and/or could you recommend other cards that have 

Also, I'd like to hear from people who have some sort of VPN running on 
Linux boxen running in host AP mode. Links, tutorials the works

Lasse Riis
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