PCI NIC with external antenna

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Wed Sep 15 19:16:19 PDT 2004

<quote who="Lasse Riis">
> I think adding a wireless PCI NIC with an external antenna would be a
> better idea.

What's magic about a PCI NIC?  Why not a PCI/PCMCIA Bridge and a PCMCIA
NIC? Several come with the option for external antennae... and if the
objective is higher gain at "home", as opposed to a 25Km link, then why
not get a 100/200/300mW card (see www.demarctech.com) and use a diversity
antennae?  I think bridges are cheaper than most antennae of respectable
gain.  One exception is the Pringles or dog food can wave guide ;)

KC Ferguson CIO/CTO

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