user identification

Gunter Burchardt gbur
Tue Sep 7 10:14:05 PDT 2004

> I mean, in a newtork of laptops mounting HostAP, when a host moves from
> an area to another, how can this host be recognized? I explain my problem,
> I have to guarantee a cartain Quality of Service on this kind of netwoks
> so I need to identify uniquely every host that goes on roaming. 
> Using the standard 802.1x, when you move from an AP to another, the connecion
> falls on the further AP and it gets active on the nearer one, using a new

Why should the same user get a new ip? If you use 802.1x there is an
RADIUS server. And with help of some specific radius attribute you can
give one user whenever it connects the same IP! Ok hostapd doesn't
support it, but it is possible to implement such things. If the user
has the same IP its only a part of routing that his connections keep

> The user would lose its identity to get a new one.
> So my question was, does HostAP use the 802.1x standard to do the authentication
> or does it implement a different kind?

At the moment its only for authentication and to get keys from the
radius server. But its possible to implement other things.


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