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capacity77 at capacity77
Tue Sep 7 09:00:48 PDT 2004

I mean, in a newtork of laptops mounting HostAP, when a host moves from
an area to another, how can this host be recognized? I explain my problem,
I have to guarantee a cartain Quality of Service on this kind of netwoks
so I need to identify uniquely every host that goes on roaming. 
Using the standard 802.1x, when you move from an AP to another, the connecion
falls on the further AP and it gets active on the nearer one, using a new
IP. The user would lose its identity to get a new one.
So my question was, does HostAP use the 802.1x standard to do the authentication
or does it implement a different kind?

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>> Hi there!
>> I'm trying to find out how HostAP treats the user identification. I'd
>> to solve the problem on how I can provide and guarantee a certain QoS
>> a user who moves in a network made up by laptops running HostAP. A sort
>> of hand off plus the QoS stuffs. And I need to know how HostAP recognize
>> a user.
>What did you mean with user identification? There is 802.1x to
>recognize/authenticate a user. After it there is only the MAC address
>with its keys (if WEP/WPA) to identify packets from/to the user. 

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