Flashing prism2 PCMCIA cards with PCI Cards in same system

Kelly Hogan kshogan
Mon Sep 6 10:05:10 PDT 2004


We have a Soekris 4511 with a PCI seneo radio (2511) and a PCMCIA radio
(2511) as well.  We have compiled the hostap with DOWNLOAD_SUPPORT
defined, and we can flash the PCI radio fine, but when we try and flash
the PCMCIA radio with:

#prism2_srec -v netcs0 pkradver.hex sfradver.hex

we get:

Could not read wlan PDA. This requires PRISM2_DOWNLOAD_SUPPORT
definition in driver/module/hostap_config.h.

Is there something different that must be done to flash both pci radios
and pcmcia radios in the same system?


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