3ap in WDS-triangle?

Joe Parks jphstap
Fri Oct 29 09:07:55 PDT 2004

On Fri, 29 Oct 2004 12:02:39 +0200
"Hiphin" <hiphin at cat-net.co.yu> wrote:

> Is 3 x AP in WDS triangle corect topology???? (hostap of course)
> I have strainge problem width bridging wlan0, wlan0wds0,
> wlan0wds1,...)... does someone noticed how many problems do we have
> width this bridging... 
> ap1... widthout problem
> ap2... dmesg
> > wlan0wds0: duplicate address detected!
> ap3... dmesg
> > wlan0wds1: duplicate address detected!
> > ...
> > br0: port 3 (wlan0wds1) entering blocking state

This last message is normal.  In a triangle configuration at least one port will have to enter blocking state to prevent loops.  Although it should have entered blocking state *before* allowing any data to flow, which might explain the dupe message (some sort of loop occurred?)

> there isn't real duplicate addresses, ap1 has bridge (wlan0, wds0, wds1) on x.x.x.1, ap2 has br0 on x.x.x.2, and ap3 on x.x.x.3

Yeah, your IPv4 addrs aren't conflicting, but the "duplicate address detected!" message seems to only pertain to IPv6 addrs, I'd check there.

Are you having any problem besides the messages?  You didn't say anything about pings not working or anything like that.

Also this is really a bridging issue, not a hostap or WDS issue, so it is somewhat off topic here.

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