3ap in WDS-triangle?

Hiphin hiphin
Fri Oct 29 03:02:39 PDT 2004

Is 3 x AP in WDS triangle corect topology???? (hostap of course)

I have strainge problem width bridging wlan0, wlan0wds0, wlan0wds1,...)... does someone noticed how many problems do we have width this bridging... 

ap1... widthout problem

ap2... dmesg
> wlan0wds0: duplicate address detected!

ap3... dmesg
> wlan0wds1: duplicate address detected!
> ...
> br0: port 3 (wlan0wds1) entering blocking state

there isn't real duplicate addresses, ap1 has bridge (wlan0, wds0, wds1) on x.x.x.1, ap2 has br0 on x.x.x.2, and ap3 on x.x.x.3

how to detect witch addresses are in conflict?


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