3ap in WDS-triangle?

Hiphin hiphin
Fri Oct 29 14:07:08 PDT 2004

Thanks Joe, but see this...

>the "duplicate address detected!" message seems to only pertain to IPv6 
>addrs, I'd check there.

dmesg says:
br0: no IPv6 routers present

should I chek IPv6 now?

> Are you having any problem besides the messages?  You didn't say anything 
> about pings not working or anything like that.

no, my friends are using all 3 AP widthout any problem, except that all 
trafic from ap2 to ap3 is goung throught ap1 !!!

ap1 to ap2    ping ~3ms
ap1 to ap3    ping ~3ms
ap2 to ap3    ping ~6ms   <--- yes thats what I'm tallking about

> Also this is really a bridging issue, not a hostap or WDS issue, so it is 
> somewhat off topic here.

yes, again, yes, thats way I say:
"does someone noticed how many problems do we have width this bridging..."

I mean 1. you can bridge this, you can bridge that... we can only bridge in 
master, and some times even that can't :)))

have a nice day

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