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Wed Oct 27 10:10:24 PDT 2004

Hi there,

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On Tue, 26 Oct 2004 leonardo wrote:

> I knew these links but I'm asking for something else (amazon doesn't
> ship to europe..).

Regulations are different in different parts of the world, and radio
equipment for sale by reputable dealers will be designed to meet the
regulations in the part of the world where it is sold.  It might for
example be illegal to use _in_the_EU_ radio equipment which has been
sold for use in the USA, but later imported from the USA into the EU.
Even within the EU there are different regulations in different states
although efforts are now being made to harmonize them, especially for
equipment using the 2.4GHz band.

> Since in the past I've ordered some nic's and received some other
> version of the same nic unusable with hostap I need some "fresh"
> link where I might be reasonably sure that I'll receive what I want.

We can supply MA311 PCI network cards which will work with HostAP.
Email me privately if you want to make a purchase.

Apologies to the List for the commercial content... :)


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