wds forwarding_routing problems

michael schatz thevedado
Fri Oct 22 07:27:59 PDT 2004

I'm having difficulties with setting up routing and
forwarding between two
access points (old pentium boxes each using RedHat
9each using hostAP/WDS)
  My basic setup is:

<wired net A  192.168.0.X>--eth0 ( AP-A :
wlan0 -- <wireless net A>
 (net A is connected                             |
to the internet)                                 |
:wlan0---<Wireless net B>

I want to get all machines on Wireless net B to ping
and to access the wired net A
and the internet (all machines on wireless net A
access the internet
by means of masquerading via iptables).  at present, i
can ping between AP-B and 
AP-A---AP-B cannot ping any other machine across the
WDS link.  my configuration for the 
link between AP-A and AP-B was copied straight from 



AP-A configuration:

iwpriv wlan0 wds_add <MAC add of wlan0 on AP-B>
ip addr add broadcast
dev wlan0wds0
ip link set wlan0wds0 up

AP-B configuration:

iwpriv wlan0 wds_add <MAC address of wlan0 on AP-A>
ip addr add broadcast dev
ip link set wlan0wds0 up

i've tried fiddling with using bridging (using the
bridge utils) and with
iptables, but have had no success.  i would really
appreciate it if anyone could
give me some pointer on how to do the
forwarding/routing properly.

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