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leonardo billtorvalds1
Tue Oct 26 00:27:59 PDT 2004

* Friday 22 October 2004, alle 17:37, Colas GRONIER scrive:
> Try these links :
> http://www.seattlewireless.net/index.cgi/Client_5fAdapters_5f802_5f11b
> http://www.brujula.net/soportelinux/doc/wifi/wlan_adapters.html

well, I knew these links but I'm asking for something else (amazon doesn't
ship to europe..). Since in the past I've ordered some nic's and received
some other version of the same nic unusable with hostap I need some "fresh" link
where I might be reasonably sure that I'll receive what I want.

for example, I found shops selling  Linksys WMP11 and  Linksys WPC11 (I
need 4/5 PCI and one PCMCIA) but it doesn't say which version and they
still didn't answer my questions.

It's not my money, it's university's, so I really have to take care.

> The chipset must be a prism 2, 2.5 or 3 to work with hostap

packet forging and monitor mode are supported with prism 2.5/3 ?

thanks again,

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