installing HostAP with dwl650+

Pedro Ramalhais ramalhais
Fri Oct 15 06:37:32 PDT 2004

Rok Papez said:
> Hello Pedro!
> Dne ??etrtek 14 oktober 2004 20:12 je Pedro Ramalhais napisal(a):
>> > I'm trying to install HostAP but I'm using a DWL650+ wireless card
>> which
>> > uses the external module acx100. So as said in the README I should
>> edit
>> > the Makefile and insert the PCMCIA_PATH. but what should exactly be
>> this
>> > thank you
>> > capacity
>> hostAP only supports prism2/2.5/3 chips. Where did you see support for
>> acx100 in hostAP?
> Network card manufacturers just love to change chipsets under the
> consumers
> nose :P. Once I tried to get a PrismGT card and got stuck with RaTech
> !"#!$!#@{}\~#.
> I tested the card and it did have PrismGT but when I ordered one, they
> just got
> a new shipment :P and yahooo....
> My point ? Don't be angry at people who get suckered-in or can't realy
> tell
> that "+" actualy means less.
> --
> lep pozdrav,
> Rok Pape??.

The problem here was that person in question obviously didn't do his
homework. He had already tried the acx100 driver and if he had done some
reading he would know the chip in the card is indeed a TI ACX100, and not
a prism2/2.5/3. He could also have searched the archives...
Anyway i also had problems finding prism2 cards, but i did my homework
before buying them or installing hostAP.

Pedro Ramalhais
ramalhais_ at
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