installing HostAP with dwl650+

Rok Papez rok.papez
Thu Oct 14 23:00:16 PDT 2004

Hello Pedro!

Dne ?etrtek 14 oktober 2004 20:12 je Pedro Ramalhais napisal(a):

> > I'm trying to install HostAP but I'm using a DWL650+ wireless card which
> > uses the external module acx100. So as said in the README I should edit
> > the Makefile and insert the PCMCIA_PATH. but what should exactly be this
> > thank you
> > capacity
> hostAP only supports prism2/2.5/3 chips. Where did you see support for
> acx100 in hostAP?

Network card manufacturers just love to change chipsets under the consumers
nose :P. Once I tried to get a PrismGT card and got stuck with RaTech !"#!$!#@{}\~#.
I tested the card and it did have PrismGT but when I ordered one, they just got
a new shipment :P and yahooo....

My point ? Don't be angry at people who get suckered-in or can't realy tell
that "+" actualy means less.

lep pozdrav,
Rok Pape?.

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