Card range when used as AP

Andrew Barr barr.156
Tue Oct 12 12:41:25 PDT 2004

Finally getting fed up with these cable/DSL routers, I have decided to put 
together my own wireless router based on a Linux box. For the wireless AP 
part, I will be using a DWL-520 rev. E driven by HostAP. Now, my question to 
this list is this: Obviously, I should get better stability and functionality 
in a wireless router powered by Linux. But, should I expect less power (and, 
therefore, less range) out of this kind of a setup than I got out of the 
couple of cable/DSL routers I've had? The box will probably be positioned in 
the same place as the router now, which is at the back on the middle floor (3 
floors, including the basement). I've enjoyed whole-house coverage up to now, 
but I can't stand these crash-a-minute cable/DSL router boxes anymore.

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