is it possible to log SSID in master mode ?

Colas GRONIER cgronier
Tue Oct 12 14:52:48 PDT 2004


I see that some information can be obtain in the Master mode via 
prism2_param tool : i can see the MAC address of other equipments in the 
kernel log. It is possible to log too their SSID ?

I am a penetration tester and i achieve testing against Wireless LAN, 
the goal of this question it is the following : I use 2 cards, one in 
monitor mode the other one in Master mode. when a laptop with a specific 
SSID send a request, i change the ESSID of my "Master" card to the 
laptop SSID and try to etablish a connection. If i can use one card, it 
is better for my 2 laptop pcmcia interfaces...

Thank in advance,


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