[Repost] Re: wpa_supplicant error when trying to use EAP-PEAP/GTC

Andrew Barr barr.156
Tue Oct 12 10:35:53 PDT 2004

NOTE: I already sent this message to Jouni, but it was too big for the list. 
Here it is with bzip'ed attachements.

> It would be nice to get some log entries / debug log from the RADIUS
> server, but if that is not an option, getting this part of the debug log
> with full details (-ddd on command line) would be useful (please include
> everything from the beginning of the EAP negotiation up to and including
> this timeout; just remove your password from the config parsing phase).

It is more likely that it is a Meetinghouse AEGIS server because the 
"official" client of the university is their Windows supplicant. Nontheless, 
please find attached a trial run from 0.2.5. I let it time out and try a 
couple times just to make sure I got everything. Command used 

wpa_supplicant -iwlan0 -c/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf -Dhostap -ddd

Config file:

? ? ? ? ssid="osuweb"
? ? ? ? key_mgmt=IEEE8021X
? ? ? ? eap=PEAP
? ? ? ? identity="username"
? ? ? ? password="password"
?# it gets farther in the authentication with the following line
? ? ? ? phase1="peaplabel=0"
? ? ? ? priority=1

> It would also be helpful to get a packet capture from this kind of
> failed authentication. You can capture packet with, e.g., Ethereal or
> tcpdump from wlan0 interface in the client.

Also attached:

tcpdump -vv -i wlan0


P.S. Don't worry about passwords--I edited them out of the wpa_supplicant log 
but I really can't to the same for tcpdump. Anyway, I'll be changing it once 
I get things up and running.
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