weird bridging problem

Jim TerWee jim
Tue Mar 16 06:42:32 PST 2004

Pedro Ramalhais said:
> Hi!
> I'm experiencing a weird problem with hostap and bridging.
> my setup:
> wired1 -> bridge1 -> hostap managed (kernel 2.4.21/hostap 0.1.3 or cvs)
>                        |
>                        | (wireless)
>                        v
> wired2 -> bridge2 -> hostap master (kernel 2.6.3/hostap 0.1.3)

If I am reading your diagram correctly you are trying to bridge on a
wireless card in managed mode. Doesn't work that way you can only bridge
wireless cards in master mode. You could do wds with both cards in then it
will do what you want.

Jim TerWee

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