weird bridging problem

Pedro Ramalhais ramalhais
Tue Mar 16 16:44:32 PST 2004

Thank you! When peter answered my first post he didn't explain it wouldn't
work in managed mode.
Anyway, it's a bit strange that it doesn't work, after all it's "just" an
interface... Maybe there's someone willing to explain why it doesn't work.

Jim TerWee said:
> Pedro Ramalhais said:
>> Hi!
>> I'm experiencing a weird problem with hostap and bridging.
>> my setup:
>> wired1 -> bridge1 -> hostap managed (kernel 2.4.21/hostap 0.1.3 or cvs)
>>                        |
>>                        | (wireless)
>>                        v
>> wired2 -> bridge2 -> hostap master (kernel 2.6.3/hostap 0.1.3)
> If I am reading your diagram correctly you are trying to bridge on a
> wireless card in managed mode. Doesn't work that way you can only bridge
> wireless cards in master mode. You could do wds with both cards in then it
> will do what you want.
> Jim TerWee
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