Anyone having problems with Kismet, HostAP and Kernel 2.6

David Goodenough david.goodenough
Thu Mar 11 10:51:03 PST 2004

I have a Debian unstable system, with kismet, HostAP (currently 0.1.2) and 
kernel 2.6.2.  I am using a Senao card, level 1.4.6.

I can use the Senao card as a managed system, and it works well.  There do
appear to be some issues with removing the card and reinserting it (wlan0
already exists on reinsertion), but I suspect these are fixed in CVS as I 
recall that there were some API changes that are probably not in the 
Debian unstable version yet.

However when I run Kismet it just will not start.  It complains that the 
Set Frequency request was invalid.  It then complains that:-

FATAL:  capture child 3655 packet buffer empty and flagged as diseased, 

and shuts down.

I never had this kind of problem with another laptop that I had which 
ran the same hostap and kismet, but ran on a 2.4 kernel (my currently 
laptop will not run with a 2.4 kernel).

Anyone having simular problems?


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