AW: Anyone having problems with Kismet, HostAP and Kernel 2.6

Auer, Karl James karl.auer
Thu Mar 11 16:42:36 PST 2004

>Im Auftrag von David Goodenough
> However when I run Kismet it just will not start.  It 
> complains that the Set Frequency request was invalid.
> It then complains that:- 
> FATAL:  capture child 3655 packet buffer empty and flagged as 
> diseased, exiting
> and shuts down.

I had the first problem, not the second. I'm trying unsuccessfully to
imagine a "diseased" packet buffer :-)

It turned out that the channels I had in my frequency list were not
valid for the card I was using. Fixed the channel list, and everything
worked fine. Check out 80211bchannels and 80211achannels.

Regards, K.

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