Looking for troubleshooting advice, stuck at installation ..

Pavel Roskin proski
Thu Jan 29 15:42:29 PST 2004

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004, Mark G. Spencer wrote:

> Plugged in my SMC2532W-B PC Card
> And hostap doesn't load.  I checked the hostap_cs.conf file in
> /etc/pcmcia, and my manfid is there under the Zcom XI-325H listing.

Check if cardmgr is running.  If it's not running, load modules
yenta_socket (or i82365, whatever works for you) and ds, then run cardmgr.

Run "cardctl ident" to see if the card is found.

Run lsmod to see what modules are loaded.  Check /var/log/messages for
possible error messages from cardmgr.  Run dmesg for kernel messages.  Try
"modprobe hostap_cs" to check for possible unresolved symbols or missing

Run "ifconfig -a" to see if the wlan0 interface has appeared.

Pavel Roskin

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