Looking for troubleshooting advice, stuck at installation ..

Mark G. Spencer mspencer
Thu Jan 29 15:19:57 PST 2004

Hello all,

I started a hostap installation today from source on a fresh SuSE 9.0 notebook to finish up a howto for other SuSE users.  It didn't work as smoothly as I thought it would.

Here's what I did:

Removed my SMC2532W-B PC Card (rebadged Zcom XI-325H)
Moved /etc/pcmcia/*.conf to /oldconf
In /usr/src/linux I ran a "make cloneconfig && make dep"
In the hostap folder I ran "make pccard" then "make install_pccard"
Plugged in my SMC2532W-B PC Card

And hostap doesn't load.  I checked the hostap_cs.conf file in /etc/pcmcia, and my manfid is there under the Zcom XI-325H listing.

I ran modprobe hostap, which immediately returned to the console .. no error or any other output.

Any ideas for troubleshooting?



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