D-link DWL-520 not 520+

Erick Del Orbe d_erik
Tue Jan 20 08:42:14 PST 2004

Hello,  I've been trying (w/ no success) to get the
DWL-520(not 520+) working under linux. This is a PCI
card(not a PC card). I've tried the hostap
drivers(hostap_pci, hostap_plx) and they say no device
found. I've read else where success stories about the
520 using the hostap driver, but I believe they were
talking about the 520+, which (I believe) is
different.  So, my question is, has anyone here gotten
the DWL-520 (not the520+) working with the hostap
drivers or any others. Thanx for your help.

P.S. - The D-Link website points me to the RealTek
website when I look for linux drivers.  Specifically
the rtl8180_24x driver. This driver loads w/ no
problem and I see wlan0, but I can't get an ip (dhcp).
I have not tried loading this driver at boot time,
does anyone know the parameters to pass to it at boot

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