Basic bridging questions pls answer

Anand S. Katti askatti
Tue Jan 20 07:35:47 PST 2004

Hello All,

It may be simple, but still im getting confused please do answer these.

LAN		|
	|			|
	AP1			AP2
	|			|

In the above figure, a client moves from AP1 to AP2 with a ftp session ON.
1. How the FTPSERVER will know that Client1 has now moved to HUB2?

2. Will AP2 inform AP1 about client1's new position ?

3. how does the HUB1 know that client 1 is now in HUB2 path ?

4. If client with ftp session on moves fast from AP1 to AP2, and then
associates with AP2, then will the ftspsession continue ? with out
connection lost error ?

is this handoff ?

or it is because of the nature of TCP? since c1 moves to AP2 before the
keep alive timer expired ?

Thanks in advance,


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