Troubles on long link...

vda at vda
Fri Feb 13 13:26:12 PST 2004

On Friday 13 February 2004 19:29, gARetH baBB wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 oleg at wrote:
> > I have infrastructure wireless link ~30km long it work under freebsd at
> > both end today i change AP from freebsd to linux and found it doesn't
> > work :-(( linux log:
> >
> > Explain me please what's i do wrong ? and what i can do with it ?

That's ACK delay problem. 2x30km roundtrip is too long, firmware thinks
that packets are lost.

It is interesting how BSD handle that. Did they manage to increase
ACK timeout? Or maybe they run the card in monitor mode and
mostly bypass firmware?

Tell us more about BSD driver. Can you sniff at BSD traffic?

> I know not of the BSD driver, but my experience is that by default the
> hostap driver under Linux leaves the card using ALC, and even if you
> disable ALC the card has a txpower level of about 80% of its max power
> (using ZoomAir cards myself).

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