RIDs in HostAP

Gargi D gargid
Thu Apr 15 23:32:19 PDT 2004

> The later is called HFA384x_RID_CNFAUTHRSPTIMEOUT in linux-wlan-ng.  I
guess it's "authentication responce timeout", 
> whatever it is.  I don't see it in cards with 1.7.1 firmware.  Perhaps
it's specific to tertiary firmware.

Ok.  Since the hostap_common.h file in most cases specifies if certain
RIDs are available only in AP firmware (and this is not marked
likewise), I was not sure if this was one of those RIDs.  

> The former two are present in secondary firmware, but I have no idea
what they are for.  They probably described in some > documents
distributed under an NDA.

Can't get access to those docs :).  My curiosity towards these RIDs is
because they are not used in HostAP other than just for setting or
getting the RIDS, maybe some new feature could be explored using



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