Orinoco client claims the speed is 1Mb/s

jar jar
Thu Sep 25 10:31:18 PDT 2003


We are using the following "products":

RH Linux 9.0
prism2.5 card, fw 1.4.9
Link Quality: 15-30/92

NT4+Sp 6.0a
Orinoco Silver pcmcia, fw 8.72 + newest Orinoco drivers for NT
Distance between ap and client: 1,5m

The problem is that the Orinoco client manager claims that the speed
from the client to the AP is only 1Mb/s. Although the hostap shows (from 
/proc/net/hostap/wlan0/..) that it is sending and receiving at 11Mb/s, 
no matter if the WEP is enabled or not. The test with FTP transfer gives:

AP ---> Client: 5.8Mb/s
Client ---> AP: 2.2Mb/s

Is the fault in Orinoco?s side or in the hoastap?s side? Any ideas?

- Jar -

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