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Curtis V. Schleich cvslist
Tue Sep 16 12:04:39 PDT 2003

Thanks, Jeff, I appreciate the input.  We're actually about to roll out two
more APs in the area, so I'm hoping that once the marginal clients are
migrated to a stronger connection we will see the network settle down.  I
asked in an earlier email to the list about the RTS and Frag settings and
there seemed to be conspicuous silence.  Jouni:  Any info you can give us on
those settings?


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> The 'hidden node issue' is something thats addressed by the nature of
> managed 802.11b.  When in managed mode, nodes cant send if they know
> someone else is talking (coordinated by the AP) and they have to CTS/RTS
> with the AP before they will start up with data.  Hostap's shortcoming
> is that it makes it difficult to tune the managed timing properly.  Ive
> yet to confirm that any of the advanced features like adjustable DTIM,
> RTS, and Frag levels actually work.  As a more forward thinking
> solution, the best bet is to size down the individual cells, either with
> sector antennas, or shorter, lower power ones.  This not only reduces
> the exponential contention issue (the problem youre probably seeing) but
> it allows more total bandwidth per customer.  Karlnet is a very nice
> product, but their oppressive licensing tactics forced our company away
> from them a long time ago, we had to almost double the TCO for our
> system after the hardware was bought, just to keep up with them.  Hope
> this helps!
> Jeff
> Curtis V. Schleich wrote:
> >Is there any way to determine if a problem I'm dealing with is related to
> >the hidden node issue?  Any debug information or something that can help
> >identify a station or stations exhibiting this problem?
> >
> >I've had great service from HostAP, it is an incredible project.  Until
> >last few weeks, my WAN was running smoothly.   Now for the last few weeks
> >I've had slow service and laggy ping times.  Is Karlnet my best answer if
> >am dealing with the hidden node issue?  I've also looked at frottle and
> >WiCCP.  Anyone have strong opinions?
> >
> >Thanks for your time!
> >
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