802.11 card shutdown using HostAP

Raghunathan, Vijay Vijay.Raghunathan
Tue Sep 16 13:24:13 PDT 2003


I'd like to shutdown the wireless LAN card for power saving reasons.
This is on a handheld (StrongARM based) running Familiar. I'm using the
Netgear MA701 wireless CF card.

In full power mode, the card consumes around 280mA. As suggested by
Jouni and some others a few weeks ago, I tried using

(i) carctl eject: This reduces the current to 155mA

(ii) iwpriv wlan0 reset 3: This also reduces the current to 155mA

(iii) cardctl suspend: This reduces the current to 80mA

So, looks like cardctl eject does not remove power to the card! It was
somewhat surprising that "suspend" reduced the current more than
"eject". But, the issue I have is that 80mA is still very high! I'd like
to know if anyone has managed to actually disable the power supply to
the card (that should bring the current down to almost zero). I'd
appreciate any feedback on this...


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