using a laptop as an access point (slightly OT)

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Sun Sep 7 21:40:36 PDT 2003

I have personally used a laptop as a desktop machine in the
not-so-distant-past.  They have fans, etc. that will come on as needed,
so overheating is not an issue.

Additionally, using a laptop as an AP may also be the environmentally
"nice" thing to do, as many of the features, hardware, etc. will be
turned off or use very little power if you enable APM/ACPI functions.

Good Luck,
Thomas Cameron
CEI Systems

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Subject: using a laptop as an access point (slightly OT)

Apologies for not being directly relevant to HostAP per se; but I was 
considering installing openbsd on a laptop, and using it as an access 
point (along with a Senao 200mW 2511CD+ Ext2 PCMCIA card). My two 
questions are:

1. Does HostAP work under OpenBSD?
2. Is it advisable to use a laptop as an access point (meaning that it 
will be running continuously)? Are they built to run 24/7 -- will there 
be any chance of it overheating? Does anyone have any experience in this


Thanks in advance.


Yong Wei

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