Packet loss on an 11 mile link...

Curtis V. Schleich cvslist
Mon Sep 8 06:22:48 PDT 2003

Hello all.  I've recently been fighting a packet loss issue on an 11.1 mile
link.  Radio signal strength seems to be decent, but we've got between 5 and
10 percent packet loss, and the link is pretty unusable.  Does anyone know
any parameters that I can tune the hostap software with to increase the
reliability of this link?  Packet loss on closer links to the same AP are
only slightly lossy, but it's still there.

I'm using the CVS version of hostap downloaded on August 25th, kernel
version 2.4.22, kernel pcmcia on a RedHat 9 machine.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks for your time!

Curtis V. Schleich,
CCAonline, Inc.

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