using a laptop as an access point (slightly OT)

Scott Weisman sweisman
Sun Sep 7 05:48:52 PDT 2003

> 2. Is it advisable to use a laptop as an access point (meaning that it 
> will be running continuously)? Are they built to run 24/7 -- will there 
> be any chance of it overheating? Does anyone have any experience in this 
> area?

i've been using an ibm thinkpad i1400 series notebook as an access point for
several months now. the hostap side of the setup, which is a cvs download from
around mid-june, has been very stable. i leave it on without even thinking
about. my main problem is that every few weeks the usb adsl modem seems to
hang, but a more recent driver might fix that version as well.


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