hostap + wep + dhpcd == no go?

Jeff Meden jmeden
Tue Oct 28 11:41:44 PST 2003

Is the dhcp server on the AP? Is it a bridge or a router? And does the 
windows client function OK for sure with wep enabled, and a manual 
address?  I have never seen a dhcp-only issue with hostap, and I have 
tested many versions with windows and linux clients, and almost every 
kind of radio out there.  Maybe try using a forwarding agent on the AP 
to see if it catches any activity?  I have found them to be more 
flexible than the dhcpd server itself, for catching proper addresses and 
allowing multiple nets to interact.  Or put the AP in strictly bridging 
mode and note the traffic a linux test machine sees on the other side.  
Hope this helps!


Deepak Saxena wrote:

>Posted this to the linux-wlan list by mistake when I should have posted
>I'm working on enabling the wireless device on an embedded platform
>(ADI Engineering Coyote) and running into a weird issue.  I can
>use the card (GemTek mini-PCI prism 2.5) as a client with or without wep
>without any problems. I can also use it as an AP with our without
>wep and my client (Windows98) can associate with the wlan in either
>case; however, the client is only able to get an DHCP address when
>WEP is disabled. If I enable wep, the wlan association takes place,
>but the host-ap box is not even seeing the DHCP request. To configure
>the AP, I just did:
>iwconfig wlan0 ssid myssid
>iwconfig wlan0 channel 11
>iwconfig wlan0 key mykey
>I've also tried booting the client in Linux and I don't see the same
>behaviour and am able to dhcp succesfuly.  Anything different required
>for windows? Is this a known problem? Client is using a PCMCIA Intel

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