hostap + wep + dhpcd == no go?

Deepak Saxena dsaxena
Tue Oct 28 13:54:50 PST 2003

On Oct 28 2003, at 14:41, Jeff Meden was caught saying:
> Is the dhcp server on the AP? Is it a bridge or a router? And does the 
> windows client function OK for sure with wep enabled, and a manual 
> address?  I have never seen a dhcp-only issue with hostap, and I have 
> tested many versions with windows and linux clients, and almost every 
> kind of radio out there.  Maybe try using a forwarding agent on the AP 
> to see if it catches any activity?  I have found them to be more 
> flexible than the dhcpd server itself, for catching proper addresses and 
> allowing multiple nets to interact.  Or put the AP in strictly bridging 
> mode and note the traffic a linux test machine sees on the other side.  
> Hope this helps!

Tried with a manual address and again the same problem: I could
associate, but I couldn't perform any network transactions.
Finally determined that the problem was that I was using key #4
on the laptop and key #1 on the host-ap system. I'm fairly new
to wireless and didn't realize that matters. :)


Deepak Saxena
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