hostap + wep + dhpcd == no go?

Deepak Saxena dsaxena
Tue Oct 28 08:33:40 PST 2003

Posted this to the linux-wlan list by mistake when I should have posted

I'm working on enabling the wireless device on an embedded platform
(ADI Engineering Coyote) and running into a weird issue.  I can
use the card (GemTek mini-PCI prism 2.5) as a client with or without wep
without any problems. I can also use it as an AP with our without
wep and my client (Windows98) can associate with the wlan in either
case; however, the client is only able to get an DHCP address when
WEP is disabled. If I enable wep, the wlan association takes place,
but the host-ap box is not even seeing the DHCP request. To configure
the AP, I just did:

iwconfig wlan0 ssid myssid
iwconfig wlan0 channel 11
iwconfig wlan0 key mykey

I've also tried booting the client in Linux and I don't see the same
behaviour and am able to dhcp succesfuly.  Anything different required
for windows? Is this a known problem? Client is using a PCMCIA Intel


Deepak Saxena
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