Loading PRI into cards with serial EEPROM only

Pavel Roskin proski
Thu Oct 23 17:12:42 PDT 2003

On Fri, 24 Oct 2003, Bjorn Wesen wrote:

> Ok - I actually looked at spectrum_cs.c before and saw that this was the
> procedure they used. But since prism2_srec assumes that the PDA is
> available even when the primary is downloaded, I got confused. I have
> temporarily disabled the entire section in prism2_srec that loads the
> PDA and plugs the primary now actually. I am not sure how to check if
> the primary actually runs after download and soft-reset back into
> non-genesis mode.. at least it still barfs after trying the INIT
> command, shouldn't this work in primary-only at least ?

spectrum_cs runs the INIT command in primary firmware and it's needed, but
the function to run the command returns failure.  It may be a software

> Also I was a bit unsure if the CPU knows that it should start running
> RAM firmware at 0x7e0000 when it restarts after resetting out of genesis
> mode..

I think good firmware should be written in the right place where the MAC
CPU expects it to be.  The start address can only be supplied with the
download command, so the genesis mode cannot provide it.

Pavel Roskin

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