OT: Bad Performance with Senao NL-2511CD ?

Brian Capouch brianc
Tue Jan 7 21:12:27 PST 2003

Jim TerWee wrote:> Make sure that the external connector is connected to 
the primary
> connector. This is the top connector on the card with the label facing you
> and the connectors on the right side.
> Mikrotik has a picture here
> http://www.mikrotik.com/Documentation/200mw.pdf

Check the firmware version, too.

My Mikrotik card was useless until I flashed it up.

Even now, after flashing, it works in certain machines and not in others.

And as I recall they don't want to help you get it flashed up, and the 
firmware that came with mine was much much older than another Senao card 
I bought the same week from Netgate.

But with the Mikrotik card as it came, I could associate but had 
horrible performance.

Now I have great performance, but I have to remember which of my 
machines it is it works in and which it doesn't.



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