OT: Bad Performance with Senao NL-2511CD ?

Jim TerWee jim
Tue Jan 7 20:57:27 PST 2003

Make sure that the external connector is connected to the primary
connector. This is the top connector on the card with the label facing you
and the connectors on the right side.
Mikrotik has a picture here


> Hi!
> I recently bought a
> Senao NL-2511CD PLUST EXT2 as a replacement for my
> netgear MA401 (which i had fitted an external antenna connector before)
> to get better radio performance on my HostAP-Box.
> Kernel: 2.4.19, hostap-2002-10-12
> the new card is now attached to the same antenna as the old card before.
> And instead of getting better performance from the 23dbm card, I get
> less SNR and weaker connections than from the old 15dbm card. I even
> tried to pull-up txpower, using iwconfig but nothing would help.
> The card inits fine, using STA 1.4.9 and even loads 1.5.6 perfectly.
> Does any of you have a suggestion, what I am doing wrong?
> Martin
> p.s.:
> I am using only 1 of the two antenna connectors and the only other
> difference to the previous setup is, that there now is an
> N-female-Nfemale coupling in between the pigtail and the antenna-cable.
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