OT: Bad Performance with Senao NL-2511CD ?

Martin Polak mpolak
Tue Jan 7 23:41:07 PST 2003

alexd wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 17:28, Martin Polak wrote:
>>the new card is now attached to the same antenna as the old card before.
>>And instead of getting better performance from the 23dbm card, I get 
>>less SNR and weaker connections than from the old 15dbm card. I even 
>>tried to pull-up txpower, using iwconfig but nothing would help.
>>The card inits fine, using STA 1.4.9 and even loads 1.5.6 perfectly.
> Do you *know* for a fact that the Senao card has more output power?
> Don't just rely on the manufacturers data. Have you tested both cards
> with equipment in a lab? [I'm guessing not]. Perhaps you should do a
> little research into the Senao card and see what other WLAN enthusiasts
> are saying about it. 

Right, lacking this lab equipment, i couldn't do this tests.But my sense 
of logic tells me, that I card stated to have more than 6 times the 
output power and according to a chart found in the web (dont remeber the 
link)a better rf sensitivity, it should at least perform equal to the 
old one, shouldn't it.

> Try swapping the card
> with a different example of the same model. 
I think i always did this.

> Well it's probably not you ;-) Have you checked the electrical polarity
> of the RF connector? Maybe it is idiosyncratic?

> Every coupling causes losses. And remember, if you change more than one
> variable at once, It Ain't Scientific ;-)

Yes I know, but remeber the thing about 'lacking the right equipment' :-) ?

Thanks for your thoughts anyway!


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