questions on hostap monitor mode

Ted Kuo kuoted
Fri Feb 14 18:09:26 PST 2003

I have two WPC-11 and the 10-12 hostap on two laptops.
When I turned both into monitor mode, I noticed two

1. Both monitor laptops are sending beacon frames 
   while in monitor mode.
2. I need to tune in to the same ssid to monitor
   a wireless session between my desktop and my
   ap. Whenever I changed the monitor ssid, the 
   ethereal indicated no captured traffic till I 
   changed the ssid back to the same as the one 
   beacon'ed by the ap.

I am not that familiar with the detail operation of
802.11 and hostap. But, I thought when hostap enters
monitor mode, shouldnt it act as a passive device, ie
rx all traffic w/o sending beacon or other frames?

If you need to tune in to a particular ssid before
you sniff the airspace, it makes it hard to scan the
whole airspace, isnt it? Why hostap monitor mode
cannot do "promiscuous ssid"? Or, do I do something
wrong with hostap install/config?


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