Apparent hostap bug: WDS + WEP

Joe Parks jphstap
Fri Feb 14 19:54:44 PST 2003

Jouni, I am seeing what I think are the same problems that Ricardo was
having in the below thread:

When both WDS and WEP are active (which was true in his case too) the
WDS connections drop a ton of packets that are showing up as "Invalid
misc" under load, but light usage can get through fine.  (telnet works,
but FTP a file and it's all over)

During that time the TX rates drop back in a vain attempt to stop the
packet loss (never to 1MB, though, it seems).

I've tried with both current stable and current CVS drivers, with 1.3.6
firmware (Host encryption, non-802.11 WDS) and with 1.5.6 firmware (with
both FW/host encryption and both standard/non-802.11 WDS) with no
difference in the results.

There don't seem to be any interesting messages from running dmesg
either.  The packets are just mysteriously lost.

Do you have any idea what could be happening?  Is anyone using WDS + WEP
without problems?
This is running on an ARM processor in my case.  What CPU were you
using, Ricardo?

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