Sachin Ganu sachin
Fri Feb 14 10:13:36 PST 2003

Hi all,

I am using the hostap-2002-10-12 version and I want to make some
modifications to hostap_hw.c. I am trying to use the
hostap_get_wireless_stats method to read the link quality , signal level
and noise for a custom type of packets...

Here is my code snippet that I am using:
(struct iw_statistics* iw_stats has been defined )

iw_stats  =  hostap_get_wireless_stats(dev);

          skbext[0]= iw_stats->qual.qual;
          skbext[1] = iw_stats->qual.level;
          skbext[2] = iw_stats->qual.noise;

The program compiles fine with make pccard. But when I try to make
install_pccard, depmod fails..and complains about the function call

Previously, I had the same program working fine when we used the older
hostap distribution that had the prism2.c  driver and
prism2_get_wireless_stats function call

ANy ideas/ suggestions as to what might be wrong?

Sachin Ganu
Ph.D Candidate
WINLAB, Rutgers University
73 Brett Rd, Piscataway NJ 08854

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