Preventing WDS links / Re: WDS configuration issues

Dave dave
Wed Feb 12 18:00:26 PST 2003

A followup...

On the preventing WDS link issue...

Should I be running the backhaul radio (yagi) as a client/STA talking to the
next WDS box as opposed to running hostap Master mode and/or should I just
not use hostap for the backhaul link but rather another driver and if so
which one?

WDS1 ~~~~~ STA1/WDS2(2 radios) ~~~~~ STA2/WDS3(2 radios) ~~~~~ STA3/WDS4(2

Should I be running different channels between the hops so WDS1 talks to
STA1 via channel 1 and WDS2 broadcasts on channel 8, then STA2 talks to WDS2
on 8 and WDS3 broadcasts on channel 11, then STA3 talks to WDS3 on 11 and
WDS4 broadcasts on channel 1?

And even more questions...;)

What is the Repeater mode of hostap, I see Master, Managed, Ad-Hoc,


> Hello all,
> In response to a couple inquiries whether I got WDS working or not...I am
> happy to say that I have.
> What I found the easiest to do was to NOT preallocate the WDS links with
> 00:00:00:00:00:00 but rather let them come up/down on their own. I wrote a
> script to run periodically looking for a new WDS link or one that has been
> removed, and when found it would either add or remove it from the bridge
> group respectively. Works pretty well.
> I turned on autom_ap_wds, wds_type to 4 (with 1.5.6 FW) and
> to 1.
> On another issue,
> Does anyone have an idea on how to PREVENT a WDS link from coming up or
> associating?
> Specifically I have a WDS box with two radios, one attached to a yagi
> pointing to next closest WDS box and the other connected to an omni. I do
> not want the radio connected to the omni to talk to the last closest WDS
> but rather only want the yagi to use the WDS link so the distribution
> (omni) does not have to do the double work of tx/rx to client and WDS.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks!
> -Dave
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